Sidey Classic Tuba Mouthpiece
(a larger, flatter and more original Helleberg design in Silver plated Brass)
Sidey Classic
Sidey "Classic" Tuba Mouthpiece   $155 USD    -View More Photos-


SOLD OUT - Special Edition Run returns in late 2017!

The Sidey "Classic" is a silver plated brass version of the SSH "Classic" mouthpiece. Based on a 1930s type Helleberg, the rim, funnel depth, throat and width are exactly the same as the SSH "original" and "classic" models. This version is for purists wanting the advantage of a truer Helleberg with larger Inner diameter, more open throat, and flatter rim with more bite in a brass mouthpiece.

price $155.00 plus shipping

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 Brass Mouthpieces are not returnable unless defective.

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